Sperm Meets Egg Plan: Getting Pregnant Faster (free ebook)

Sperm Meets Egg Plan: Getting Pregnant Faster (free ebook)
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The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a step-by-step guide to achieving pregnancy without taking invasive tests, charting temperatures, or making mistakes in predicting your ovulation that result in mistimed attempts at fertilization.

Designed by Deanna Roy after months of trying made her believe she had a fertility problem, the plan will help you time intercourse whether you have a typical or atypical cycle. It includes adjustments for common fertility problems, what to do if you are over forty, and considerations for trying again after a pregnancy loss.

This booklet includes 40 pages of instruction plus a 10-page sneak peek of Deanna's book Baby Dust. It should be a free download, but always check the price.

This booklet is a THANK YOU to all the women who have supported Deanna's web site since the loss of her first baby in 1998.


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